Greetings from Borneo


I designed this book 2011. It contains 100 minimalistic drawings, in 100 copies.
The original drawing from “Think Tank” can be rented at the Artotek in Nuremberg.

The guardians of the Dragon Fires

english Version

I wrote and directed this 11 minutes shortfilm, for Geobra Brandst├Ątter|Playmobil.
It brought a lot of challenges, like rigging and animating dragons, or planning
with a lot of VFX shots in mind. As our team was rather small,
we worked on it from August 2012 bringing the first ideas on paper,
until the end of July 2013. The movie appeared on a DVD together
with the product line it promotes, and was available in 6 languages.

Top Agents 2

deutsche Fassung

2013 i Co-Wrote and Supervised on this Shortfilm (6min.):
The evil Megalomax wants to clone an army of robots
and leave the world in ruin. But, he has
underestimated the Spy Team!
The agents are immediately on his tail.
With brand new equipment and smart new team
members, they launch Operation Night Mission.
Will they save the
world before Megalomax destroys it…

Future Planet

deutsche Fassung

2011 i wrote and directed this shortfilm (17min.):
The evil Dark Boss and his Dark Rangers want to seize control of the precious energy crystals on Future Planet. But he has failed to see the strength of Tom Typhoon and his E-Rangers!


deutsche Version
2013 I had the pleasure to write and direct this animated
shortfilm (10 min):
Red Cloud and Faithful Paw will do whatever it takes to pass
the ancient test to become a warrior. To do so, they must
sneak into the gold mine, make a pact with the bandits,
and complete an adventurous rescue from
the Western Fort…

Orang Utans

I animated those two Characters for the Playmobil website.
I also tested a rigging setup i designed to be easily adaptable
to different facial proportions.

Share the Smile

I produced this short clip for an anniversary
event in public space called “Share The Smile”.
The video is intended to be watched on a mobile device.
The event was initiated on September the 13th 2014 in Paris,
New York, Warsaw, Madrid, Berlin and Mexico City.
Playmobil Figures with a QR Code were distributed in the street.
People could pick them up, scan the QR Code
and watch the clip. By the way:
The Figures in the beginning are from
the early days of Playmobil.

Where have all the donuts gone ?

Two Character which i designed as a personal project.
My R&D included: Bones Facial Rigging on the green guy vs.
Shape Facial Rigging on the humanoid character, as well as rendering
with the Redshift Renderer.